Security Architect

The architecture of information security, like many other architectures, should be developed from top to bottom, starting from the architecture and strategy of the enterprise, in which it is fixed what and how should be done in the context of the entire company. The architecture and strategy of information security, in turn, are devoted to how these goals are realized from the point of view of information security.

Taking into account the business strategy allows us to understand in general what we need to concentrate on in the architecture of information security. If, for example, the company is faced with the task of geographical expansion and serious growth, then the implemented solutions in the field of information security should contribute to this goal. In particular, much attention needs to be paid to VPN solutions, secure remote access, etc. At the stage of business stabilization, the emphasis is shifting towards improving the quality of service, increasing customer loyalty, and information security should be aimed at precisely this. But in an unstable economic situation, business decisions are fundamentally changing, and the security system is already solving completely different tasks: protection against leaks and theft of information by dismissed employees, the safety of outsourcing, etc.

Although theoretically competent development of architecture and strategy should be carried out from top to bottom (first we determine the goals, then the ways to achieve them and only then we begin to acquire various software and hardware, implement projects, etc.), in practice, everything usually happens the other way around: first, the purchase is carried out “Necessary” means of protection, which everyone hears about, then their operation begins, bumps are created during implementation and support, a search is under way for optimizing available resources and assessing the effectiveness of the technologies used s and safeguards, and only then someone starts (of unity), or will start in the future (the majority) to think about the strategy and architecture of IS.

Security architects may paid annual salary of around $125000 based upon skillset of paticular job aspirant.

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